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cmiVFX – Python Introduction for Maya (Vol.02)

cmiVFX - Python Introduction for Maya (Vol.02)
This video has a focus on learning how to design class structures with your code, and why the concept of inheritance is important as you begin to develop larger tools. We take a visual look at what a class is, and how it plays such a vital role as you start working with the API later.

Asset Importer
A fully functional concept for a basic asset importer tool. More examples of class and inheritance, and working with the filesystem in addition to the python commands module.Maya UI
We take our Asset Importer and learn how to wrap a user interface around it using the maya commands module.

Qt Designer
A feature that is new to the Maya 2011 suite. Since the entire interface has been rewritten using Qt, Autodesk has made the feature available for designing user interfaces in Qt Designer, and loading them directly into your maya script. We redo our Asset Importer to use a UI that was build in Qt Designer

Maya Python API Introduction
This is where we cross the line into the advanced waters. The python API is lower level and powerful. We learn how to set up our environment for developing scripted plugins, how to access and read the documentation, and even do a comparison between the commands module, the python API and PyMel!

Dependency Graph Plugin
Let’s learn how we can create new nodes in maya, by building a very simple dependency graph plugin that can drive other objects.

BONUS: PyQt4 in Maya – Even better UI
This bonus chapter shows you how PyQt4 (python library for writing Qt interfaces), can be integrated into Maya and give you a ton of control over what your UI is can really do, and the feedback you can get from it. We again take our Asset Importer and redo it using PyQt4

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cmiVFX - Python Introduction for Maya (Vol.02):

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