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3D Total – Lighting La Salle 3ds Max + VRay

3D Total - Lighting La Salle 3ds Max + VRay
This five part series will focus on the topic of setting up a variety of lighting rigs that reflect natural lighting at different times of the day and manmade interior lighting. Each of the chapters will use the same base scene as a starting point, and will show a step by step guide to finding a lighting and rendering solution that best reflects the desired lighting situation.

The tutorials will explain the type of lights used and how to set up the parameters along with talking about the different methods of tackling the subject. The manipulation of textures may also be covered in order to turn a daylight scene into night scene for example. The artists will also look at some useful post production techniques in Photoshop in order to enhance a final still.CONTENTS:
Chapter 1 – Sunset
Chapter 2 – Broad Daylight
Chapter 3 – Artificial Light
Chapter 4 – Mood Lighting
Chapter 5 – Tv-Lit (Night Time)

English | Included 3ds Max + VRay Resource files and PDF 33 Pages
RAR size: 589 MB < UnRAR size:1.92 GB

Download Link: by

3D Total - Lighting La Salle 3ds Max + VRay:

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